Mythological Name

The name of the hotel stems from the “Odyssey”. The ‘Odyssey’ is the second major ancient Greek epic poem after the “Iliad”. Both were written by Homer (800 BC). Our ‘Odyssey’ describes the adventures of Odysseus during his return to Ithaca.
Odysseus (Ulysses) is the main hero of the epic poem. From a young age he showed great intelligence, beauty, physical strength and bravery. While growing up he added to the aforementioned also great wisdom and rhetorical skills. At the same time he became unbeatable in sports. He won over his wife Penelope by beating the numerous suitors in a track race. They became parents of Telemachus. When his father Laertes saw all of his son’s qualities, he quickly gave him the throne for the good of Ithaca. During the Trojan War Odysseus plaid a significant role especially because after 10 years of Troy’s siege from the Greeks (1193-1183 BC) only he with his creation of the Trojan horse, the wooden horse, in which he hid, managed to open the gates of the city and to conquer it. Therefore Odysseus was the precursor of the Greeks’ victory during the conquest of Troy. In his journey returning home he had many adventures.
Penelope is the wife of Odysseus and daughter of the King of the city Amycles. Her name still remains a symbol of the faithful and devoted wife. Except from beauty and riches Penelope also had all the virtues of a perfect wife. She was smart, wise, faithful to her husband and devoted to her son. When Odysseus left for Troy to fight the Trojans he told her to remarry if he didn’t return. But Penelope waited for him for 20 years even when everybody considered him dead.
Circe was the queen of the island Aeaea. She used magic potions to transform her enemies into animals. Odysseus and his crew arrived at the island during their journey. Odysseus sent some of his men to visit her and Circe invited them to dinner with food laced with magicpotion. Afterwards she touched them with her wand and transformed them into pigs. Only one of them managed to escape and to inform Odysseus who was on the ship. Odysseus ran to save his men. On the way he came across God Hermes who gave him a herb to protect himself. So Circe’s magic failed and the witch was so surprised that she fell in love with Odysseus and agreed to return his crew into human form. After that Odysseus and his men stayed on the island for one year and then left following directions she gave them in order to return home.
Calypso was a Nymph. She lived on a large island. There she spent her days spinning and weaving with her maids, who were also nymphs. Calypso welcomed Odysseus on the island as a cast away. She fell in love with him and kept him by her side for seven years. Calypso promised to make him immortal if he stayed with her for ever, but Odysseus didn’t fall victim to her charms, because he wanted to return home. With the intervention of Goddess Athena, the messenger of the Gods, Hermes, went and asked her to let him leave. After that she regretfully gave him the required materials in order to build a draft and some supplies for his journey. She also showed him which stars to observe in order to set his course.
Nausika is the daughter of the King of Phaeacia, today’s Corfu. When Odysseus left the island of Calypso during his great adventure he shipwrecked in the shore of another unknown island and fell asleep in a sea cave. This island was Corfu. In the morning Princess Nausika went to the beach to play with her maids and Odysseus suddenly appeared before them and after explaining who he was they returned to her father’s palace. There he told his adventures to the royal family. King Alkinos prepared a ship for him and sent him back home.
Odysseus arrived at last in Ithaca with the ship of the Phaeacans, after 20 years away from home filled with adventures. He lived a happy life up until old age. Odysseus was worshiped as a half-god in Ithaca.