New Fortress


The New Fortress is located at the hill of Agios Markos and was built by the Venetians in the 16th century when the protection of the city was urgently required.
Its construction began in 1576 and was completed in 1645. It is built on two levels in order to perform its double role, i.e. the port’s protection and the control of the mainland.
It is a robust and strict building, ruling over the port where it has access and offers a unique view to the city and the open sea. The gate is decorated with a relief lion of Agios Markos, the emblem eternally connecting the Fortress to Venice.
The English left two barracks, one next to the gate and the other in the second level and there is also a church, i.e. the church of Panagia Spilaiotissa.
Now the facilities of the Navy are held there, as well as various artistic events.